We offer tutoring services for children who need to learn the basic skills to perform on grade level in the core subjects.  We assess each child and place them in a group according to their individual needs.    

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Reading Support

This class is offered at four different levels depending on the reading ability of the child.   The reading support class focuses on decoding and fluency in the lower levels and comprehension and critical thinking skills in the higher levels.  

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Math Support

During math support class, students will learn how to solve problems based on their level of mathematics.  Through different styles of hands on teaching (auditory, sensory, visual) students will use the centers resources to not only learn how to solve a math equations, but also understand how to read math problems and apply their skills to the real world.

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Writing Support

In this class, students are given the chance to become real life authors.  There are four levels offered.  Depending on the ability of the group, students will be taught how to write different genres of stories and essays, while also incorporating handwriting, grammar and spelling skills. 



This class is for students who are at the beginning stages of reading and writing.
 It focuses on letter recognition, formation, sounds and word families.