for those learners who need a challenge or want to enhance their education, we offer an academic enrichment experience.  These classes focus on critical thinking skills, problem solving and higher level questioning.

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This course, is a time where little scientists can come in and carry out hands on science experiments.  They will follow the scientific method and design process to test and analyze how and why things happen in the world around them.



This is a course offered to high achieving students who want to challenge themselves further.  This class will push students to become independent learners by encouraging self-discovery of topics interest.  It is composed of high level questioning and the design process to push students to think outside of the box.  Students will engage in hands on learning projects and real world problem solving activities in all subject areas.



This course is for higher level readers and thinkers who have a love of getting lost in a good book!  Each week the students will engage in a deep discussion about the book they are reading and complete a hands on project about the story using technology or cooperative learning models.  

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iKids (Technology Club)

This course is for the 21st century kid who loves using technology to create masterpieces!  Students will have access to the latest technology to learn how to make movies, videos, cartoons, coding, presentations and more!

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Young Authors

In this course, children are encouraged to use their imagination to create fiction and fantasy stories or poetry.  It will be a fun way for students to work on their writing skills and culminates with a writing celebration where parents can attend and hear their child share their own published stories.

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Attention Mathematicians! This course is for you!  During this class, students will work independently or in teams to solve multi-step problems that all have real world applications.  Students will come out of this class not only knowing how to solve these challenging math scenarios, but they will also be able to explain how they solved it and identify where they might encounter similar problems in the future.