Wisdom Warehouse’s clubs are for those kiddos who need an extra push in their learning. We offer tailor made sessions to present skills and standards in a hands-on and creative way to meet the needs of each child’s learning style.


Book club

Whether it’s decoding, fluency or comprehension your look for, our book club has it all! We get children to think deeply about texts and most of all love reading!

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It’s math time! Our mathletes club presents mathematics in a way all children can understand. Using different styles (auditory, visual and kinesthetic) students will use Wisdom Warehouse’s resources to develop understandings in all aspects of math and apply their skills to the real world.


young authors club

Get your children to love writing with this dynamic club. Wisdom Warehouse lets kiddos write on multiple surfaces to encourage creative writing across all genres. The club embeds grammar and story structure into each session.


phonics fun

Learning how to read and write just got a whole lot more fun! Kiddos will be immersed in a world of letters, sounds, word families and spelling rules to make them better readers and writers. (improving handwriting is just an extra bonus of this hands-on club)